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With These Proven Sales Funnels, Winning Email Campaigns, and Make-Money Trainings from
me, Caleb O'Dowd

"I couldn't make Facebook traffic work until I met Caleb. Now I'm pulling 12x-14x ad spend."

—Jon Benson, Inventor of the VSL

Turbocharge Your Funnel, Explode Your Back End, Scale Your Business — and 2x or 3x Your Sales

"Caleb, that high ticket VSL campaign you gave me has thus far generated $50,000+ in revenue since we began using it about 6 weeks ago."

—Dean Holland,

Simply Copy, Paste, Plug and Play — and Blast Your Way Through Your Current Profit Ceiling

"I followed Caleb's advice and made $170,000 over 12 days from just 480 leads."

—Rhuan Rudy, Business Turnaround Coach

Caleb O'Dowd

Hi, I'm Caleb O'Dowd, and this message is for you if...

Hey, don't knock it. You belong
to a pretty exclusive group. :-)

You've earned your place among the few who know from personal experience how disappointing and just plain frustrating it can be... to earn so much money... yet still have so little time to enjoy the relaxed, stress-free lifestyle you were aiming for when you began.

But all that's about to change.

I've already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs who felt stuck on a growth plateau like yours...

...simply by showing them a few of my incredibly fast, easy ways to turbocharge their funnels, scale their businesses, and explode their profits.

And guess what — the same strategies, tactics, and techniques that doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their personal income will work for you too.

My media buyer says I'm crazy to share this secret.

Let's double, triple, or even
quadruple your business together.

This is a unique opportunity unlike anything you've ever seen or even heard of before.

If you're doing half a million now, set your sights on a million this year. If you're doing five million now, picture ten or fifteen. Doing ten million now? Why not shoot for twenty or thirty?

These aren't income promises — unless you promise them to yourself — and I want you to do that right now, because...

We both know that you have what it takes to build a substantial internet business. You've already proved that.

We both know you're one of only a very few people in this world with the skills, the smarts, the never-quit attitude, and the pure willpower it takes to succeed in a tough, cut-throat environment like internet marketing.

Otherwise you never could have come as far as you have.

All you need now is a friendly hand up from a guy who's been there, done that... made it from where you are to where you want to be... and already helped hundreds of others to accomplish the same.

Ready for a quantum leap to the next level
— and beyond? Join the Club.

The ROI Players Club is the only members-only vault of proven sales funnels, winning email campaigns, can't-fail conversion strategies, and make-money trainings...

...ready for experienced internet marketers like you to copy, adapt to your business, and explode your sales and profits.

Allow me to share with you everything I've learned about marketing and advertising… every tip, trick, technique, unfair advantage, and secret…

everything that's currently working for me today

and everything I've done up until now to generate over $150,000,000 in sales during the last 15 years.

You'll be part of a small in-group of successful high performers who get to share internet marketing secrets the rest of the world never discovers.

You'll be there when I reveal the latest cutting edge marketing strategies and tactics.

You'll learn how to gobble up new customers and pile up new profits before your competitors even know what hit them.

That said, not everyone will qualify. Not because we're snobby or all about being exclusive, nothing like that.

But if you don't have a business that's already doing six or seven figures a year, you're probably not in a position to take full advantage and gain all the benefits from this.

And if that's the case, I wouldn't feel good about taking your money. So please consider carefully before you sign up.

This invitation is for players only.

If you already have strong sales, a responsive email list, a reliable source of leads, and good traffic...

...there's no doubt in my mind that just one of my funnels, campaigns, or strategies can quickly double, triple, or even quadruple your business.

A few examples of how my ROI Players Club has done this for others...

Do you run webinars?

Are you a coach?

Is your back end this profitable?

Are you monetizing the folks who don't buy?

Are you struggling to make cold traffic profitable?

Are you trying to build a membership website?

Plus, let me show you how to...

Dominate profitable new
markets with blinding speed...

Boost your sales with tons of
plug-and-play email campaigns...

Make a killing with my super-profitable newspaper advertising formula...

The ROI Players Club is a literal treasure trove of campaigns you can take, customize to your business, and make a small fortune with.

Plus, each month I'll train you on a new multi-million-dollar business model that's already exploding profits for me...

...ready for you to plug in, adapt to your business, and immediately start making more money for you.

Here are just a few examples, a small fraction of what you'll be getting...

6 Ways Joining the ROI Players Club
Could Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Sales and Profits This Year


My Million-Dollar Coaching Business Campaign


My Million-Dollar Direct Mail Campaign


My Twenty-Million-Dollar Webinar Script


My Million-Dollar Paid Membership Campaign


The Secret to Creating Ads That Break
Sales Records


My Million-Dollar Back-End Webinar Promotion

Plus! Ten More of My Simplest, Quickest Ways to Double Your Sales and Profits Almost Overnight

I've taught many of these to my $5,000-per-hour private clients and seen them double or triple their personal income almost immediately.

And some of these literally take just minutes...

  1. The order form "bump" that boosts sales by 20%-30% overnight.

  2. The 6-part upsell + deadline follow-up sequence that skyrockets sales funnel profits.

  3. The simple, yet brilliant way to make a small fortune off your thank-you pages.

  4. The fast, easy way to potentially quadruple your retargeting profits.

  5. The little script that explodes sales simply by adding it to every email sent by your company.

  6. The shockingly simple way to double the profits you earn from your email list.

  7. The unusual funnel extension strategy that adds an extra 20% to 50% more sales.

  8. The simple direct mail strategy that can double your sales and profits.

  9. The easy trick for launching a fleet of back-end offers you don't have to create or deliver upon.

  10. The continuity game changer that doubled my own sales.

Plus! Every Month: A New Million-Dollar Training

Plus! Every Week: A Live Strategy Session Call


If you're the information marketer, coach, or
consultant I designed the ROI Players Club for...

...someone who's currently running webinars,
VSLs, and/or tripwire sales funnels

...selling primarily high-ticket products

...and doing six or seven figures a year

...I'm sure you've already recognized the value.

Plus, you've just seen 16 ways that joining the ROI Players Club could easily double, triple, or even quadruple your sales and profits this year.

And you know that I introduce at least one new Million-Dollar Training every month... meaning your potential gain in sales and profits can only get bigger and better for as long as you belong.

So, what's it worth to you?

How much would it be worth to transform your unprofitable and/or un-scalable sales funnel into one that's super-profitable and infinitely scalable on cold traffic?

That's the question, isn't it?

What's it worth to make your cold traffic sales funnel super-profitable and infinitely scalable?

If you're the information marketer, coach, or consultant this offer this Club was created for...

...meaning you're already doing at least six or seven figures per year...

...then $30,000 would be cheap, considering you're going to double, triple, or even quadruple your business.

And $20,000 would be an absolute steal.

But you won't have to pay $30,000... or even $20,000 to join the ROI Players Club.

In fact, membership is less than $12,000 a year.

Or if you prefer, you can pay just $997 a month.

Join the ROI Players Club now

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$5,000 Hot Seat Strategy Call With Me

Yes, I Want This!

Kieran Lewis

As a direct response marketer, I deal almost entirely in cold traffic, where completion is fierce and ad costs only go up. So having an edge or advantage over the competition isn't "nice to have" — it's a necessity.

Caleb O' Dowd is a force multiplier. Having Caleb by your side is having an unfair advantage over the competition.

After implementing just one campaign from the ROI Players Club, I've pulled in $108,000 (and counting) in recurring billing... from old non-buyer leads I thought were "dead".

I'm now adding this campaign to my autoresponder and expect to add at least $300,000+ to my bottom line this year.

That's just one campaign (of many) I plan to implement from Caleb. I've also added another $50,000+ to my bottom line thanks to small tweaks Caleb shared with me during the live weekly calls.

Caleb O' Dowd is a secret weapon of mine and over the next 12 months I'm sure to add at least half a million more dollars to my bottom line. All thanks to him and the ROI Players Club.

If you have the chance, listen to everything this man has to say, and sign up immediately for the ROI Players Club.

—Kieran Lewis,

Join Now to Claim This Exciting Free Bonus
1-on-1 Hot Seat Strategy Call With Me
Value $5,000 — Yours Free

Bring your biggest business problem to our call, and I will bring you...

Between your proven ability to perform and my extensive experience, there's no internet marketing problem we can't solve.

To give you a few real-life examples of actual results from recent Hot Seat Strategy Sessions with me...

So, what can I do for you? Let's find out.

I normally charge companies $5,000 for a one-hour implementation consultation like this...

...but as a member of the ROI Players Club you're entitled to a 60-minute Hot Seat Strategy Session with me for free.

To claim yours now, simply join today.

Join the ROI Players Club now

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Yes, I Want This!

Who SHOULDN'T join the ROI Players Club?

As I mentioned earlier, if you don't have a business that's already doing six or seven figures a year... you might not be ready to take full advantage of all the Club benefits.

And if that's the case, I wouldn't feel good about taking your money. So please consider carefully before you sign up.

Also, the Club is purpose-built for information marketers, coaches and consultants... if you're primarily selling a physical product, you might not get as much value as they do.

But if you're the information marketer, coach, or consultant I designed the ROI Players Club for...

Welcome to this unique opportunity, unlike anything you've ever seen or even heard of before.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Your Results Blow Your Mind or Your Money Back

Membership in the ROI Players Club comes with a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Like the Club itself, this guarantee is exclusively for information marketers, coaches, and consultants earning six figures or more. No one else is covered.

If you belong to this exclusive group, and within 30 days of purchase you can show proof of (1) revenue over the most recent 12 months of $100,000 or more, (2) that you have applied at least one of my Million-Dollar Trainings in your business, and (3) that doing so has not produced a satisfactory increase in your sales and profits, I will work with you personally to fix the issue and get you the increase you want. Otherwise I'll promptly issue a full refund of your membership fees.

Join the ROI Players Club now

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Yes, I Want This!

Jon Benson

I just want to give a shout out to my buddy Caleb O'Dowd, who has basically opened the world to me on what's possible with Facebook advertising.

"I had no idea I could make 12X to 14X return on my ad spend. Caleb's strategies are just the best. Without his help there's no way I could've done it."

—Jon Benson, Inventor of the Video Sales Letter

Dean Holland

"Caleb, good news! I modeled one of your campaigns inside the ROI Players Club and it's been the most successful campaign I've ever run in terms of response rates from viewer to application... EVER!

"It has also thus far been responsible for about $50,000 in revenue since we began using it about 6 weeks ago.

"Plus, I've placed this on my thank-you page, and now I'm able to scale my cold traffic campaign. I really can't thank you enough."

—Dean Holland,

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Yes, I Want This!

Allen Baler

"I've invested $25,000 with Caleb in marketing education, and received back 100x my investment ($2.5 million) by implementing his strategies. So this offer is a no-brainer for me. I'm IN."

—Allen J. Baler,

Rhuan Rudy

"I followed Caleb's advice and got 17 clients to pay me $10,000 in 12 days for a coaching program. So I made $170,000 thanks to being an ROI Players Club member. I highly, highly recommend it. Caleb has the level of expertise, knowledge and genuine support that can help explode your business."

—Rhuan Rudy, Business Turnaround Coach

Rob Kosberg

"Holy cow dude, being a member of your ROI Players Club has been amazing. I used one of the campaigns you gave me and generated 10X return on my Facebook ad spend. That's $67,000+. I can't wait to roll this out. Thank you."

—Rob Kosberg, Best Seller Publishing

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Yes, I Want This!

Still here? Let's take one
last look at your options...

You're an information marketer, coach, or consultant with an internet business doing six or seven figures a year...

...but your sales funnel is either unprofitable, un-scalable, or both...

...and you're searching for a solution.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have read this far.

We both know you can't go back to painfully banging your head against that same frustrating wall.

Neither of us wants that.

So doing nothing isn't an option for you now.

You could search for another solution...

However, this is a unique opportunity, unlike anything you've ever seen or even heard of before.

But don't take my word for it. Just ask your most trusted advisor — yourself.

Have you ever seen anything even remotely like the treasure chest of proven sales funnels, winning email campaigns, make-money trainings, and can't-fail strategies in my ROI Players Club?

I know you'd remember it if you had.

But you don't remember anything like this... because on this whole planet there is nothing to compare with the ROI Players Club... not anywhere, not at any price.

So why postpone the success you deserve?

You know where you are. You know where you want to be. And you know your next step.

It's here, right in front of you.

Take it.

I promise you will not be sorry.


Caleb O'Dowd

Carline Anglade-Cole

" I followed the step-by-step instructions you gave me and launched my first online business. This is HUGE because I am NOT a techie by any means.

I just used your 4-Hour Funnel strategy. It took one week of planning and a 3-day email campaign and I created a $200k business off the bat!

Now I'm putting together a 2nd campaign – following your same simple steps – to see if I can DOUBLE sales! This will happen in less than 30 days.

My goal is to work 4 hours a week and still make a 6-figure income! You've shown me how to do it – and I'm SEEING results with my own eyes! Your 4-Hour Funnel strategy was so much faster and easier than I imagined it would be.

I can't thank you enough. Your mentorship and coaching is pure GOLD! To anybody thinking of joining your ROI Players Club – be like NIKE – and just DO IT! You'll see results soon enough to know you made the right decision!"

—Carline Anglade-Cole,

James Richardson

"I recently joined the ROI Players Club, and was blown away by all the training inside. Caleb's knowledge and expertise is second to none in my opinion. Whenever I've asked him questions on Q&A calls and strategy sessions, he's had the answer to all of my marketing problems.

"In fact, I tried one of his Facebook sales campaigns just recently, and generated more than $20,000 in profits and income.

"This campaign was so easy to deploy in my business, following along step by step with Caleb's training. And what's more, I can repeat it over and over again each month. There's also a ton of other campaigns in the membership area that I can't wait to try out.

"So if you're looking for some amazing marketing training to explode your profits and income, I highly recommend you get inside."

—James Richardson, Information publisher and consultant

Join the ROI Players Club now

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Yes, I Want This!